Wybory europejskie maj 2014


European Elections May 2014


These are the most important steps for Luxembourgish citizens in the procedure for voting:

1) the electoral application form which is available in Honorary Consulate the Duchy of Luxembourg in Poznań must be sent by the applicant to his former commune of residence or his actual commune of residence if he is still registered there between 16/03/2014 and 25/04/2014.

2) The commune will then issue the voting bulletin and mail it to the applicant on the 05/05/2014.

3) The voter mails back his bulletin to the commune.

The information can also be found via the following link: http://www.guichet.public.lu/citoyens/fr/citoyennete/elections/elections-europeennes/vote-correspondance-elections-europeennes/index.html.